Victoria Beach Weddings Laguna Beach

victoria beach laguna beach

Victoria Beach Weddings Laguna Beach

Having your wedding ceremony overlooking the Pacific Ocean may be easier than you imagined.  You can apply for a permit that allows you to hold your ceremony at Victoria Beach in South Laguna Beach.  The permit allows you to have a total of 95 people in attendance.  There is a 2 hour maximum on the time allotted for your event. Victoria Beach weddings are only allowed between Labor Day and Memorial Day (off peak season).  There are 4 beaches where weddings can be held during the peak season of Memorial Day to Labor Day.  These beaches are North Main Beach, Rock Pile Beach, Picnic Beach, or Diver’s Cove Beach.  During these peak months, you can also apply to have your ceremony at one of Laguna Beach’s parks.

For further information please complete the Event Request form. 

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